Class List

tapestry-teachingThis is a partial list of classes that I have taught. If you see a class listed multiple times I am probably proofing the class to take it too a larger venue. For example I will test teach a class locally and then teach it at Atlantian University or Pennsic. Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouches is one of my favorite classes. It is the class most often requested to be taught, the children’s classes come in a close second for number of times I get asked to teach them.


Simple Children’s Toys (I have taught this class at least 4 times)
Bayeux Tapestry Stitch (I have taught this class 2 times)
Viking Necklaces (I have taught this class at least 2 times)
Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouches (I have taught this class about every other year I go to Pennsic. I know it was taught in 2014)
Tips, Tricks and Toddlers 2014
Tudor Boys Wardrobe 2014
Inlaid Patchwork 2015
Cold water dye class 2015

Known World Costuming Symposium

Fiber Identification
Nobody told me they Grow so Fast

Atlantian University

A Brief History of Children’s Toys 2006
Simple Children’s Toys 2006
Maternity Clothing and the SCA
Tips, Tricks and Toddlers 2010
Nobody Told Me They Grow So Fast 2009
Time Traveling T-Tunics 2008, 2012
Fiber or Fabric Identification 2007, 2009, 2013, 2016
Brass Needles 2010, 2010
Flowery Meades are not a Beverage 2013, 2013
What is on the Inside Counts 2013
Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouches 2013, 2013
Tudor Boys Wardrobe 2014
Tips, Tricks and Tweenagers 2014


A Brief History of Children’s Toys
Simple Children’s Toys
Viking A-Frame Tents
Pennsic Cooking for a Vacationing Cook
Card Weaving and inkle weaving
Fiber Identification
Maternity Clothing and the SCA
Norman & Anglo-Saxon Clothing
How to read a pattern envelope
Bayeux Tapestry Stitch
Heraldic Garb
Viking Necklaces
Beginning Illumination : Materials
Beginning Illumination : Layout and Design
Button Garment or the G-63
Nobody Told Me They’d Grow So Fast: A Children’s Clothing Class
How to make a brass needle
Tips, Tricks and Toddlers
Time Traveling T-Tunics
Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouches
Basic Medieval Games
Cloth Buttons
Elizabethan Thread Covered Buttons
Viking Warmth
Guilloche Stitch
Inlaid Patchwork
Tudor Boys Wardrobe
30 minute mozzarella
Pennsic Preperation
Baronial Favors
Scroll Covers
Eura Dress
Indigo Dye workshop
Roman garb
Viking Whip Cording
Neckline Finishes
Anglo-Saxon Gardens
Baronial Silk Banner Project
Viking Head Coverings
Beaded Fibula and Rings