Fishing Kit

fishing gear_stdI made the fishing kit as a toy. If you have ever been on a boat (or anywhere else) with a bored child you will know why I made a toy.  Making the kit was fun and easy. I had several sets of clear pictures and more than one source to use as research.

Time has passed and we were going to an outdoor event that would be rainy! Really rainy and we did not want to leave. I knew that I would need to be a parent for the day. I looked up fishing flies and found some more information on hooks and made up a craft project kit. The three of us made fishing flies for the better part of the day. We will take them to Pennsic and see if they work. (My children have never been taught how to fish. They flick the corn baited hook into the water wait five whole seconds and pull out the hook to look for a fish. A better parent would not allow this to continue, but I figure I am safe from ever needing to remove a hook from a fish.) Hopefully a fish will not steal our hand made hooks.img_0893_std


Fishing Kitimg_0076 (2)_std