Kingdom A&S


2015 Display at Kingdom A&S and at the Barn at Pennsic


2014 Tudor Boy going to the New World Pentathlon Entry


2013 Flowery Mead Display


2001 Anglo-Saxon Textile Tools


2010 Yellow X Pentathlon Entry


2009 Anglo-Saxon Pentathlon Entry


2007 Weaving Display


2006 Norse Pentathlon Entry

I cannot say enough good things about Atlantia’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences. In looking back at old pictures I have been participating since 2004. I frequently enter the Pentathlon, as it is one of my favorite competitions. I like the wide range of skills that you have to have to enter the competition and I like the story aspect. I like to look at what everybody else is doing in the arts community. I often judge or display. Some years I get to try something new, for example a spring pole lathe. I have discovered that I am not very good at taking pictures of my own work and my husband likes to take pictures of court. If you see a picture of a pentathlon entry, somewhere else on this web site will be the documentation, just look around. Iamfinishedpentathlon-04pentathlon-04pentathlon-05pentathlon 06,  Tudor Penthalon



2004 Viking Pentathlon Entry


2005 1350’s Children’s Toy Pentathlon Entry