Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouch


New Ring Pouch design where the ring does not show.

I have created a simple pattern to make an Anglo-Saxon Ring pouch. I have worn my pouch for years, probably more than a decade. I love it, even though the lining has sun faded and I have had to resew the ring to the pouch three times. Years ago I wrote a class on the Ring Pouch. I regularly teach the class at Pennsic. I have had requests to teach the class in several other Kingdoms and a lovely lady translated my class into French. Sometimes folk send me pictures of the class or rewrite my handout and send a copy.


Brown Ring Pouch on my hip.

When I teach the Anglo-Saxon Ring Pouch class I use as many materials as I can that are period. The fabric is linen, as is the sewing thread.  I bring my period iron and ironing board and offer the use of handmade needles. If you can sew the whole pouch with a period needle that I have made you may keep the needle. (I could be a better needle maker, so you earn that needle. Two people have gotten a free needle.) When I walk through Pennsic people regularly show me a hip with a Ring Pouch.img_0127_stdimg_0136_std

updated ring pouch directions

old anglo-saxon ring pouch