Shoes, Garters and Points

shoes and socks tudor_stdOne of the small details which makes an outfit go from being a costume into being clothing is shoes (and dirt if you have boys.) Both of my children go through about 4 pairs of modern shoes a year. I cannot rationalize¬† 4 pairs of period shoes per year, even when you add in hand-me-downs. I have tried to make shoes. It has gone poorly. I needed a different solution. I researched the shoes found on the Mary Rose. They do not look too different from modern shoes. I took a few pictures to Kmart and came home with a set of “period” shoes for under $20. That experiment was so successful I took my younger son to get get a pair as well.

I questioned the need for garters. How on earth was I going to get a 10 year old boy to wear garters. Then I watched him run across a field and have to stop and pull up his socks. I explained to him the wonders of garters, showed him how they worked and sent him off to play wearing garters. He has worn garters to two events now. I thought that battle had been won without a skirmish, however his garters and hat seem to have disappeared. When William does not like something it disappears, to never been found. Perhaps I should get him socks that fit better.

I made points as part of my pentathlon entry. It was a great learning experience. I can now make a simple fingerloop braid with five loops. There is no point to points unless you put a million eyelet holes in the waist of doublets and pants. There is no way on earth William will let me tie him into his clothing, even if it would keep his shirt tucked in. I have a fine set of points which will probably never get used. Some battles are not worth the fight (welcome to life as a parent.)12points_std

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