Anglo-Saxon travel food. Dried fruit, hard tack and dried fish all tied up in a cloth for hiking to the travelers food competition at a local event.


Viking Chatelaine, I made everything except the reproduction Birka key.


Ownership mark on top of the only completed warp woven cloth that I have made.

This page has a bunch of not related to anything else projects. They are often times from a class that I took. Many of the items on this page were fun to do once, but I am finished exploring that art. Some of the projects I will go back and explore at some later date in the future.


Pine needle basket from a guest teacher at our local A&S night.


Sprange pouch to cover a water bottle. I like sprange but it does not like me, unless the teacher is there to supervise me. Eventually I will master this string technique because I want to make some wild vertical striped socks.


Fused heraldic glass plate from a local A&S class.


Coral branch tokens, donated to the kingdom to be used for early period folks who have just gotten the award.


I needed an extra hand, so I could put a fancy edge on a pouch. I made a hand. The stitch I am doing is a combination of weaving and sewing. It is found on a lot of garment edges, as it increases the durability of the garment.


I make lucets. Most of them are given away to new folks who want to learn a craft, because they see everybody with a project in their hands at an event.


Display on Flowery Meads at Kingdom A&S. A flowery mead is a 12 inch tall meadow. I want one in my front yard, so far all I have is a football field with clover. Some day. I am a Master Gardener and I keep going back to this project every spring.