Early Period PDF Links

Here is a list of a lot of the early period PDF’s I have done over the years. They are a mix of Viking and Anglo-Saxon.  The subjects vary and a lot are related to Pentathlon entries, but not all. Hopefully the tiles will be self-explanatory and many of the PDF’s will be linked elsewhere on my website with a picture of the item.

Anglo-Saxon strap end

Anglo-Saxon embroidery

Anglo-saxon beads

Iron and board

Anglo-Saxon Penthathlon

Pin beaters

Card weaving

Needle documentation 2009

Loom weights

Cardweaving Anglo-saxon

Anglo-Saxon tunic

Anglo-Saxon ring pouch

Anglo-Saxon Reel

Anglo-Saxon shoes

The search for Yellow X

Viking tent handout

Viking scroll

Viking doll

Viking hood

Norse casting

Ownership mark

Norse key

Norse Coat

Naalbound socks

Naalbound ring pouch

Boys pants ymir

Anglo-Saxon Bibliography