Children’s Clothing

img_0630_stdI sew for a lot of people and some of those people grow multiple inches in a year. The children in the group are two boys (mine) and a girl. Over time I have managed to get the children on a new wardrobe every other year. On the off year that child gets three new garments in the next size. That system has worked pretty good, until somebody does not go to Pennsic and I have to start from scratch. My youngest son never gets new clothes, but I img_1847_stdtry to make the older child clothes in the younger child’s favorite color. I like sewing for the extra child because she is a girl. All of the garb from about age 2 plus is made from linen and multiple children have worn the clothing through loaner garb. The only downside seems to be; if I made the garb, then the kid in the garb must be mine and I must look after them. One event I ended up with six extra kids that looked like mine.img_0423 (2)_stdimg_2732_std


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