Bench Chest

open benchchest_stdWhat do you give somebody who has everything…You give them somewhere to put it. I needed a solution to carry garb to events and to be able to put my sons Tudor clothing away.¬† The easy solution was to make a chest. I chose a bench chest from the Mary Rose. It has a small till on one end to hold trinkets. (A good choice for any child’s chest.) In order to make the chest more useful I made it a bench as well as a chest. It has legs which will hold it off of the ground at camping events. It is built to a standard height and size, plus it is small enough to be moved by a ten year old. It is color coded with a favorite color, thus guaranteeing its use. It will even hold an events worth of toys tucked neatly out of sight.

A few months have passed since the bench  chest was made. The only problem has been the leather hinge. It has pulled out from the back of the chest. (This would not have been cause for as much alarm had 3 air mattresses and 6 bare feet not been in the tent.) I think an adult would be alright with this style of hinge but a child seems to need a brass piano hinge tucked underneath the leather.


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