Tudor Jewelry


Paternoster’s for members of the Order of the Pearl. Most were donated to the Kingdom but a few will be 12th Night gifts.


Tenner paternoster based off of a period piece.


Tudor jewelry from a class to support the Tudor Twelfth Night from a few years ago. I kept a few pieces and the rest were used as tourney prizes.

My Barony is the greatest when it comes to A&S classes! Every Thursday my husband and I host A&S. Usually we have a lecture or make a project. We have done this for well over 12 years. I estimate that 30 new classes are taught each year, once you factor in holidays and Pennsic. The Barony uses the time to teach new skills and proof classes for teaching outside our borders. That means we have taught about 360 classes. I cherish my time with my SCA friends, as it renews my interest and love of the SCA.