img_9884_stdMy persona is Anglo-Saxon. It is the first area I researched when I was in college. It is the clothing and history that I keep going back to time and time again. I have worked on the skill set that a farm wife would have needed to survive living in an isolated area. What this means is that I have a broad skill set in the textile, gardening, child rearing and craft areas. I read and own many of the more current Anglo-Saxon books in my areas of interest. I can often be found with my nose in an archaeological text right before bed. (Just a word of warning, that will make your book last forever, due to falling asleep two pages into a new chapter every night.)

I do bounce about in the pre-1000 time frame a bit, but mostly my interests lie in Kent around the year 800 AD. Please dive into the following Anglo-Saxon pages and feel free to write and ask for more information.